What is Supplier Portal and how it helps Omnichannel Sellers

Supplier portal is a software solution for businesses to manage product information, catalogs and order processing activities. It helps sellers centralize and automate their commerce processes like receiving and confirming a purchase order, preparing invoices based on the PO and gaining access to real time information about their transactions and statuses.

Supplier Portal helps ecommerce sellers to manage their customers, suppliers, products

Why Supplier Portal?

Supplysail Supplier Portal is a powerful tool that helps businesses in transforming their operations. It brings great efficiency to the business by bringing all information in one place. You can easily access data related to your suppliers or customers like price lists, contracts, locations, packaging specifications or minimum order quantity of purchases etc., from one centralized dashboard.

It’s a cloud based platform that can be accessed by suppliers and customers with an internet connection. The plug and play simplicity provides unparalleled connectivity and interoperability within the platform, providing high levels of collaboration.

You can also automate manual operations by setting up business rules, workflows, using the portal’s workflow capabilities to setup rule based tasks such as exporting catalogs to a channel, monitoring fill rates at a seller or location or at a commodity level, directly through the system without having to involve manual work by employees in the process.

What are the benefits of Supplier Portal?

Supplier Portal offers a wide range of benefits for business partners, including:

Increased productivity - The Supplier Portal simplifies and automates tasks so you can stay focused on your business. For example, with automated catalog validation enabled in Supplysail Network, you don’t have to send separate email based validations and reminders when they miss a detail.

Supplier Portal users can use call-to-action pop ups within their webpages to prompt business partners to initiate new transactions or make changes that affect their business processes. These features increase engagement rates for trading partners by making it easier to reach out directly instead of using email or voice calls.

Offer Enhanced content- Without the supplier portal, 80% of work productivity is spent on manually organizing, validating information for trading partners. With Supplysail Portal, these activities are automated, providing opportunities to deploy resources and time on content enrichment and channel engagement.

Centralized Catalog Management

With Supplysail Supplier Portal, you can publish and control access to electronic catalogs Control access to published catalogs. Sellers can control which customers have access to each of their catalogs. This enables suppliers to create catalogs that contain special items or contract prices for specific customers.

Because Supplysail Supplier Portal supports multiple global and custom standards for catalog formats, an omnichannel seller can publish catalogs consumable by all customers without worrying about category specific legalities or system driven interoperability issues. Suppliers can produce catalogs in-house or contract with third-party content providers for rich media information using workflow modules 

Supplysail Supplier portal automatically validates the format and syntax of all catalog files when suppliers upload. If it detects errors, it tells users where they are so the errors can be fixed. 

Supplier Portal helps manage all information related to the product/service/customer/ supplier/reseller/ trading partners in one place, saving time and cost of having multiple accounts on different platforms and applications.

Purchase Order Management

You can use the Supplysail Supplier Portal to manage purchase orders in a centralized manner. This helps you create, approve and execute purchase orders in real-time. The following are some benefits offered by Supplysail Supplier Portal for managing purchase orders:

  • It helps sellers to receive real-time updates on pending purchase orders from buyers.
  • It enables sellers to access multiple documents related to a single order using one interface.
  • It enables sellers to track unfulfilled orders and expedite shipments based on priority
  • It facilitates sellers to process multiple shipments of large quantity POs in scheduled batches
  • It allows a seller to predict the pipeline, club and refactor shipping activities based on order volume and value.

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) is an important part of leveraging Supplysail Supplier Portal. It allows you to manage product information, including:

  • Product catalog management.
  • Import/export product information.
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Business Rule Based Custom Validation 
  • Business Conditions and Workflow Management

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a process that helps organizations understand and manage core business data. MDM involves identifying, gathering, organizing, standardizing and cleansing data to create a single source of truth in your organization. It helps maintain accurate information across the business so you can make better decisions based on trustworthy information.

The goal of MDM is to provide an accurate picture of all the people and things that affect how you do business by putting them into context with each other across multiple systems and departments within an organization.

Using the Supplier portal, a business can submit or request information related to location, manufacturing plants, usage or pattern records, Banking and taxation information and much more, 

Using periodical reminders, it can self authenticate the quality of these submissions from the data source and keep it up to date- eliminating stale data.

Cost Reduction

Supplysail Supplier Portal helps reduce the cost of running procurement, logistics, B2B Commerce and inventory management operations. This software helps reduce the manufacturing or distribution costs.

Additionally, this tool allows you to see what discounts are available for purchasing from different suppliers in bulk or on an ongoing basis; this will help you make informed decisions about where to source your products. Due to its accessibility through an online portal, Supplysail SP saves money on multiple operational fronts since it allows sellers/buyers to exchange information without having face-to-face meetings or making phone calls every time there is a change in supply chain management processes.

The platform also provides real-time visibility into all aspects of the shipping process including shipment tracking data which can be accessed any time, which reduces delays.

Supplier Collaboration & Visibility

Supplysail Supplier Portal helps you get in contact with your suppliers and customers to collaborate and exchange information about their business. This includes how they work, how they use Supplysail, and what products or services they offer.

Supplier Portal helps businesses streamline operations and have better control

Supplier Portal is a cloud-based solution that helps manage suppliers, purchase orders and invoices. It lets you synchronize inventory data between your ERP system and Supplysail Supplier Portal. The portal also ensures visibility into trading partner performance by delivering key metrics on demand in real-time or via reports.

Supplier Portal brings together information related to trading partners, contracts, product catalogs, orders, invoice, payments history in one place. This lets you streamline operations across multiple channels by having a single view of all suppliers' information. This can be viewed anytime from anywhere at any time.


Supplysail Supplier Portal is a revolutionary platform that can help your business to transform your commerce activities across both the buy and sell side. It allows a business to establish a control tower and  streamline operations in real time. It will also help reduce operational costs by upto 80% and increase overall productivity by upto 78%.

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