What is Product Description Page


A Product Description Page (PDP) is an essential part of every eCommerce website. A PDP helps sell products and connects potential customers with your brand. But not all product descriptions are created equal, so it’s important you know what makes a good description, and how to create one that will sell more products.

What is Product Description Page

The product description page, or PDP, is the page you see when you click on a product on Amazon. It is also seen by customers and search engines.

You can use this page to sell your products, or to show off your brand. You can use it as an opportunity to write about how your product works and why it’s better than competing products. You can include testimonials from satisfied customers, images of the item being used in real life situations (e.g., with pets), etc.

Why PDP page is so important

The Product Description Page (PDP) is the first page visitors see when they land on your website. It's an opportunity to introduce your brand, sell products, and make a good first impression.

You can use it to introduce your company or product in greater detail than other parts of your website. This is especially important if you're selling something that requires explanation or education before the customer decides to purchase it. For example, if you're selling complex financial services like life insurance or tax preparation services.

You'll want to use this page as an opportunity to sell customers on how great your products are and how much they'll benefit by buying these products from you instead of someone else! This is why it’s essential to write copy that highlights all benefits of using your product over competing options.

Components of PDP Page

The following are the components of a Product Description Page:

Product Description (PD) - The main content of a PDP page is the product description, which includes all relevant information about the product such as:

Product Name

Product Image and Video (if available)

Key Features or Advantages of the product being advertised. These features should be listed in bullet points to make it easier for visitors to skim through while they're looking at your product description page.

Product Information - This section provides more in-depth details about what makes your products great, including an overview and specifications. Providing these types of details will allow users to compare your offering over competing options available on other e-commerce stores. It also helps build trust between you and potential buyers who may be skeptical about buying something from someone they don’t know yet especially if they already have doubts about making online purchases from other sellers before doing research first by reading reviews left by previous customers who had already tried out similar products before buying anything themselves online too!

Latest trends in PDP Design

Use of images: In addition to pictures and videos, you can also include images related to your product or service.

Use of social media: Social media is a great way to connect with your audience, get feedback, answer their questions and solve problems if they have any issues relating with your business or products/services.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is another important aspect of creating a successful Product Description Page (PDP). With the help of SEO techniques like keyword research, backlinking etc., it becomes easier for customers looking for information about products/services on search engines. You can find out what they want through PDPs easily by looking at what they’re searching for on these search engines.

How to write a Product Description that sells

Use a simple format.

Use a conversational tone.

Include a call to action.

Include an image of the product and its features.

Include the product description, price, rating, reviews and specifications (if applicable).

Provide delivery information (if applicable)


In conclusion, it is important to understand that PDP pages are more than just sales pages. They have to communicate all information about your product and its features in a clear and concise manner. These product detail pages are the lifeblood of any digital commerce you’re attempting. To maximize how much returns you get, make sure your PDPs and product descriptions are not only up to par, but also updated regularly to make sure your customers are getting the most accurate data about your products at any given time.

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