What is Multi Channel Management


Multi channel management is the process of optimizing your sales channels and operations so you can reach your customers quickly with accurate product data and recent promotions. We've broken it down into sections to help you understand what multi-channel management means, how it impacts your brand, and what opportunities exist for businesses.

Multi channel management is an essential element of customer experience. It's the ability to manage customer experience across multiple channels, online and offline, and across different devices.

Multi channel management is crucial to everyday lives because it allows you to take advantage of technology and make life easier for consumers.

For example, if you're at home, but want to go out for dinner with friends—you can order your food from your phone through an app like Grubhub. You’ll receive a text message letting you know when your food will be ready for pick-up at a designated location. When it arrives, all you have to do is go and get it.

Why is Multi Channel Management Important?

Multi channel management allows you to have a presence across different marketing and sales channels, ensuring that you’re operating where your customers are.

By reaching your customers more effectively, it can not only increase sales, but also encourage brand loyalty, reduce costs, and engage with customers more effectively rather than engaging with customers through individual channels manually.

Types of Channels

Brick and mortar

Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Your own website or e-commerce site like Amazon.com or eBay Motors

Marketplace sites (such as Etsy or Shopify)

Challenges in Multi Channel Management

The challenge of getting your product data management, inventory management and customer presence right on all of the channels that you plan to operate in is monumental. If you’re on social media, the challenge is compounded according to each social media platform that you use.

The key to success here is to leverage technology to see all this information across channels in one place through a single dashboard.

Inventory Management And Product Data Management

Inventory management and product data management are two important functions in a multi channel environment. Inventory management is identifying the quantity and location of inventory items. It also involves managing inventories through several channels like retail, wholesale, distribution, and e-commerce. A good inventory management system will help you track stock movement across channels and track what products are sold through which channels.

Product data is related to multi channel sales that can be managed effectively using a product database management system (PDMS). Product Data Management helps companies organize product information into an electronic repository and give visibility across all channels, departments and business units within an organization. Information stored in PDMS includes: product data fields such as size, color etc., price lists; availability status; lot number etc..

There are many types of channels, but the most common ones are brick and mortar stores, social media, e-commerce websites (such as Amazon), and other marketplaces.

In order to effectively use multi-channel management, you need to understand and research on which marketing and sales channels will provide the most returns for your particular products and brand. What works for your competitor may not essentially work for you either. Figure out where your customers are, and use the channels that make it easier to reach them. That’s the best start to a multi-channel approach.


Multi-channel management allows you to reach more customers and increase sales, while also reducing how much you have to spend and work on marketing. If you haven’t already adopted a multi-channel approach to selling and marketing your products already, then it’s high time you get that ship sailing. You’re missing out on major returns to your investment if you aren’t adopting a multi-channel approach to your product marketing and sales strategies.

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